Past VB Tips:

Week of Tip
02/13/01 There seems to be a bug in the Microsoft Tab Control 6.0 (SP4).  If you use nested tabs (one tab control inside another) you'll be unable to END the project during FORM_LOAD.

A workaround is to use UNLOAD ME from FROM_LOAD.  Then place END in FORM_UNLOAD.


The DIR command (directory) cannot be used in a function that's called recursively.  Normally you call  DIR(path) the first time and DIR by itself for the  next filename.  Calling the function over again erases the previous path with the new path.  There's only 1 pointer in VB.

Solution?  Use the API instead!


07/17/00 If you have a status form with labels and controls that don't refresh properly, don't use FormName.REFRESH.  This will cause your form to have an annoying flicker effect and will keep taking the active focus when the user clicks elsewhere.

Use DOEVENTS instead.  This lets Windows do "its own thing" which lets it repaint the whole environment.